In a smaller chorus the members tend to wear “many hats”. In fact this is part of the fun of being in Sweet Adelines. We get to form new friendships and develop not just our singing skills, but develop as team members and leaders. We have members that are on multiple committees and in various leadership positions, and truth be told, we could list the entire chorus here if we listed everyone that contributed to the chorus in a “non-singing” way.

Our chorus has a 6-person Board. These dedicated ladies help run the inner workings of the chorus. We also have various committees that work as teams to plan various events and perform other functions. It takes teamwork to get the work done.

Connie Alward – Director

Connie Alward- Director Connie started singing with Grand Olympics chorus at the age of 14 and is the only original charter member (1981) still active with the chorus. She excelled in Port Angeles school bands, where she was a soloist and 1st chair Tenor Saxophone player, along with learning to play several other woodwind and brass instruments. She’s held many positions in the chorus, including President, Assistant Director, Lead and Bass Section Leaders, Recording Secretary and is a participant in the Director Certification Program. She is a Certified Director. She has been in dozens of quartets over the years, winning a 2nd, three 4th and one 5th place medal(s.) Her current quartet Wink placed First in Regional contest in 2019.

Tricia Kastrop – Assistant Director

Tricia started her Barbershop career in 1982 in Bellingham and has been in several choruses over the years, including Lakeside Chorus, Pacific Sound Chorus and Harmony Northwest Chorus.  Her first experience with directing came under Sharon Babb, then director of Mountain Melodies Chorus in Boulder, CO.  Since then, she has been as associate director in Lakeside, as well as section leader, treasurer and choreography assistant; Certified Director at Harmony Northwest for five years, and was a member of the Regional Management Team, serving as Director’s Coordinator.  Tricia loves to sing and has been in several quartets, including her most recent quartet, Mood Swings.  She is happy to be singing in a chorus again after a few years away from Sweet Adelines, and is excited to be part of this dynamic group of women who are so dedicated to excellence in music.

Wendy Foster – Baritone Section Leader and Treasurer

Wendy is talented singer and very active member of GOC. She is current treasurer, and has held just about every position on the board. She recently celebrated her 10 Year Anniversary as a member of Sweet Adeleines International.

Beth Barrett – Bass Section Leader

active member of GOC and Sweet Adelines for more than 20 years. She has also sung in several quartets. Beth has also been active in the chorus administration and leadership and is past-President of the chorus.

Marcia Homer – Lead Section Leader

Marcia has enjoyed singing with choirs since the 8th grade and took piano lessons to learn to read music. As a grade school teacher Marcia directed first and second graders in musical recitals for their communities.
Marcia primarily learned about music through Sweet Adelines; she read a newspaper ad inviting women to sing Christmas music with GOC in the fall of 1990, and joined in the winter of 1991. The friendships and the unique sound of the harmony hooked her on Barbershop!
Marcia sang lead and tenor with several different quartets, and has been both lead section leader and music librarian for several years.

Pat Witt – Tenor section
leader and Web Administrator

Pat has been singing barbershop music for over 30 years, both in choruses and quartets.
Before moving to the Phoenix area and getting into barbershop Pat earned her Bachelor’s in Music Education and taught elementary school for a few years. A lifelong musician, Pat still plays her guitar and is active in music ministry, a local group called “the Flashbacks”, and is tenor in a Sweet Adeline quartet called “Resound”.

If you have any questions about the website please contact Pat at pwitt285@gmail.com.

Nancy Anderson – Choreographer

Nancy began singing and playing piano at age 10. Through the years she has sung with many choirs and with a mixed group of men and women called “Sugar and Spice”. She currently sings in a contemporary church choir and a group called “The Flashbacks”. Nancy has been singing with the Grand Olympics Chorus for over 15 years.

The Mission of the Grand Olympics Chorus is to provide the opportunity for women to learn and grow in the craft of barbershop singing in a fun and friendly atmosphere and to entertain our communities with quality barbershop harmony. Grand Olympics Chorus is a member of Sweet Adelines International